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Buying and selling goods, bringing manufacturers and buyers together is our business. Our market is the international trade in goods, and our main focus is on the development of medium-sized companies in every country in which we are represented and, of course, beyond. Language differences, country-specific differences in business processes, legal and contractual peculiarities as well as payment barriers and currency fluctuations often mean that medium-sized companies miss out on profitable, high-volume business. The Victorum Group, with its excellent network and first-class infrastructure, is also the solution for you!


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Trade by connecting companies - We call it TRONNECTING

We would like to get in touch with you. Where do you find yourself?

Pre-financing of trading transactions

The possibility of pre-financing the production of goods represents a milestone in international trade. Our network partner Victorum Capital Inc. provides the necessary funds without any risk - because the goods to be produced are already being marketed at the time of pre-financing

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Producer services

Are you a manufacturer looking for additional customers for your goods? Especially in markets that are new to you? You are very welcome!

In addition to our regional customer database, the international market may be of particular interest to you. Thanks to ongoing communication within our international Victorum network, daily market analyses and far- reaching customer relationships, the next buyer of your goods is often just a mouse click or a phone call away. We ensure that your goods are delivered to their destination smoothly, safely and cost-effectively.

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What`s about logistics?

We are logistics professionals and maintain partnerships with first-class, internationally active providers. Thanks to our good cooperation and perfected supply chain management, which benefits from years of experience, we can get your goods to their destination without any problems:

- safely

- cost-efficient and

- sustainable

We know where your goods are at all times and will of course keep you informed of the entire process. In addition to typical transportation by truck, we also offer shipping services via local logistics service providers as partners by air or freight train.

Our service at a glance:

- Land transportation

- Air freight

- Sea freight

based on

- contract logistics

- Supply chain management

We would be happy to discuss your personal requirements with you in advance and advise you on the most cost-effective, efficient and sustainable transport route.

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Sales of Raw Materials

Raw materials are the fuel for the prosperity of our society. We are also specialists in the procurement of special commodities, but also have access to crude oil and hard coal.

Our excellent network also extends to the area of mineral resources and other raw materials of all kinds. We have first-class contacts in the CIS and other producing nations in particular.

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General Distribution

Are you used to bearing high marketing and location costs in export (sales)? That's a thing of the past - from now on we'll do it for you! When it comes to sales, you can rely on the expertise of our teams and our wealth of experience.

Thanks to our network in Europe, the CIS and, since 2021, also in Asia, you can save time and money in many areas. Because we take over for you

- All marketing for your selected products

- the complete handling of logistics

and, of course, provide you with our support throughout the entire project.

Contact us and see for yourself the many benefits that await you with us.

- All marketing for your selected products

- the complete handling of logistics

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