We are your experts for international distribution in Europe, the CIS, Africa, South America and Asia. It is one of the oldest and most profitable businesses in the world: in the past, it was caravans that transported the finest gold, exotic spices and furs on the long and arduous journey from the Middle and Far East to Europe. Today, it is container ships, trains and trucks that transport electronic goods, household goods, timber and iron ore as well as gas and oil pipelines.

At first sight - the Victorum way


Based on our daily market analysis and the constant exchange of opinions within the international Victorum network, needs can be identified.

For example, with us as your long-term partner, non-delivery of raw materials and the resulting production stoppages are a thing of the past. Within the framework of our logistics services we take care of the following in particular

• General requirements for exports from the Federal Republic of Germany

• import licenses

• quantity restrictions

• Customs terms and duty rates

• Communication with licensing authorities

• Communication of national taxes

• Additional details such as labeling requirements


Exporting goods is a difficult task for many small and medium-sized enterprises. However, in today's fast-changing world, this branch of business is very profitable, profitable and above all, a promising business model that complements the corresponding existing business structure.

With Victorum-Group at your side, you can enjoy a "total carefree package" and watch your products being offered on the international market.

Thanks to our Victorum network and our unique CRM system we sell your goods safely and efficiently.

With the help of our logistics partners we can transport your products in the intra- and extra-exchange trade by

• ocean freight

• trucks and

• freight trains

to all Victorum branches. For us, marketing your goods is just a phone call away.


All commercial transactions are handled and serviced by our service without any problems. Among other things, we take care of

• Transport and logistics with

• customs clearance

• Import clearance

• product tracking

• secure payment transactions

and are also available to you free of charge via our service hotline during business hours.

In order to create as much trust as possible, the first delivery of goods is made as a test delivery so that manufacturers and buyers can make their own, non-binding impression of the handling process, product quality and our service. By entering into contractual agreements, we aim to establish lasting trade relations.

Can't have it, don't want it!
With daily customer referrals and an ever-growing customer database, we can find the right manufacturer or buyer for any product. Of course, you as a customer with your wishes and problems are always at the center of our attention.

Here's what product request processing might look like:


needs goods or raw materials and sends a specific request with a product specification to Victorum Group

Victorum Group

contacts the manufacturer

The manufacturer

Checks all requirements and prepares a preliminary quotation or confirms that the information we have is up to date

Victorum Group

Establishes contact with the customer and draws up a framework agreement.

The customer

Receives goods from the manufacturer on a regular basis