We want to become the world's leading provider of distribution services in global trade operations and to maintain this status in the long term. We primarily support medium-sized companies as well as industry and global transfer of goods. Сommodity trading is carried out through

1. overland transport as well as

2. air and sea transport

Thanks to our logistics partners, supply chain management is optimized and a clear statement of sustainability is made. There is no limit to the variety of products:

Whether it's raw wood, rebar mats, bamboo cups or hygiene products - we connect producers and customers via trade routes of up to 9,500 km.

The world is our market

International goods transfer - easy - safe - transparent

Strategy and Vision

Our corporate strategy covers all aspects of customer-oriented, resource-conserving and profitable trading. We seek to continuous improvement and optimization of all processes in order to harmonize economic, social and ecological aspects.

We see ourselves as a driver of medium-sized business success, and have set ourselves the goal of supporting our business partners and customers even in uncertain times in business turnovers and profitable trading transactions. Following on from the strategy development phase, we have succeeded in developing this successfully. Our trading businesses are continuously evaluated and necessary details are adjusted.

We invest a lot of time and commitment in the area of performance management and thus generate the basis for a successful future within the company.


We select our business partners strategically. With DB Schenker as a leader in the ecological transfer of goods, we are making a statement. We attach great importance to energy efficiency and sustainability and are committed to environmental projects.

As part of a free initial consultation, we discuss all possible shipping options and jointly select the best possible transport route and the most environmentally friendly supply chain.

When selecting our customers, we pay attention not only to impeccable quality but also to sustainable goods. We check certificates such as FSC to be able to conduct business transactions to the best of our knowledge and belief. These are basic requirements for a cooperation with Victorum.

Business Model

Our professional expertise serves as the basis for innovations. This helps us to continue strengthening our market position. We build on long-term cooperative relationships and provide targeted support to medium-sized companies, thus influencing a positive development of the infrastructure of entire regions. As a basic prerequisite for lasting competitiveness, we constantly adapt strategies and development processes in detail to new market research results in order to be able to offer our customers the best possible and innovative service.

Our basic business model is simply explained:
In the context of international commodity trade, unknown challenges await, which did not exist in the previous everyday business in one's own country and within one jurisdiction. These include aspects such as language differences, country-specific deviations in business processes, legal and contractual specifics, payment barriers and currency fluctuations. As a result, medium-sized companies often miss out on lucrative business deals, while large companies with foreign locations and the country-specific know-how realise enormous profits through such transactions.

This is exactly where we provide support!

In this way, we make it possible for medium-sized companies to establish trade relations in lucrative and financially strong foreign markets completely risk-free.

Secure - unbureaucratic - simple

Figures and Financial Data

The market in which we operate is a fast-growing segment with enormous potential for the future. Let the numbers speak for themselves:

• In June 2021, 118.7 billion euros worth of goods were exported from Germany. That is 23.6 percent more than in the previous year.

• In June 2021, Germany imported goods worth 102.4 billion euros. That was 27.0% more than in the previous year.

• That made a surplus of 16.3 billion euros in the foreign trade balance!

Particularly noteworthy in these figures is the percentage increase in turnover in relation to non-European Union countries:

• Exports: + 20.7%

• Imports: + 33.0%

The Victorum Group is represented in the main transshipment points with already well-established positions and continues to develop its trade business. Meanwhile, our international team consists of more than 150 highly qualified employees, in addition to our unique network of business partners.


We attach great importance to our high and innovative corporate standards, which we have developed from the ground up. In the course of our operations, we take into account all ethical aspects and rely on national laws.

Based on our Code of Conduct, we offer our customers the best possible service and risk-free business relationships. In terms of preventive measures, in line with our corporate philosophy we emphasize transparency, honesty and reliability in all processes. The entire management team lives by these principles and ensures their professional and smooth implementation. New business partners and employees are informed from the first day how to implement our requirements comprehensively.

Providing ethical behavior, we create transparency and trust. It is important for us to always act honestly and reliably. This is also the basis for acquiring new business partners and serves as a basic requirement for working in our Victorum Group.


Our single global Code of Conduct defines a holistic set of expectations for employees and management. We define forms of conduct in day-to-day operations and attach great importance to both internal and external customs.

Our Code of Ethics states that we offer security, stability and continuity to our customers and business partners and therefore make our business operations transparent. We value our environment with all its resources and people of all cultures. For us, honest and responsible relationships are the foundation of every trade transaction.

Our corporate culture is based on trust and appreciation.

The Code establishes clear rules of conduct for employees. It sets guidelines and limits for different situations and prescribes appropriate behavior. This has a positive effect on cooperation with business partners.


New payment system launched in collaboration with SourceLess London / Bucharest November 2023

After months of preparation and overcoming repeated challenges, we have finally succeeded in launching an innovative and extremely efficient payment system. Anyone interested and every interested company now has the opportunity to use our financial platform - you will find the corresponding link above.

Victorum opened new locations in Turkey, Namibia and Nigeria

Due to the geopolitical situation, accompanied by economic sanctions and the like, the Victorum Group had already decided some time ago to open up further regions of the world. Before taking the next step of opening branches in Brazil and India, the Turkish and the African market has now been targeted and Victorum companies have been founded in Turkey, Namibia and Nigeria, which have already commenced operations.

News after a long interruption due to geopolitical events

After a long interruption due to geopolitical events, which have led to a restructuring of the group of companies, we are reporting news from the Victorum world again as of today.

Due to economic sanctions and other restrictions, the management has decided with great regret to no longer serve the European market for the time being and will close the German branch, which is still open, at the end of the year.

The bridge between the old European world and the new world, which we see in the BRICS countries, is being closed by Turkey.

Victorum Group predicts possible B2C sales in Asia and Europe.

Moscow, November 2021

Visiting various cooperation partners and the company's own office in Moscow, CEO Siegfried Gunther and Russian office director Alexei Myrin comment on rumors that Victorum Group plans to enter the B2C market at its offices in Russia, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany and Belarus. ...

Since the summer of 2021, there have been numerous rumors that the Victorum Group plans to enter the retail business. Victorum's main business is currently focused on the B2B market as well as wholesale. Since 2019, the Victorum Group has been expanding with branches in Europe and Asia and is constantly expanding its product range.

In total, since 2019, Victorum Group has opened twelve branches in Europe, Russia, Asia and North America.

Regarding the rumors, Siegfried Günther said: “Our business policy is not based on speculation, rumor or speculation, but on open and transparent communication. Indeed, the B2C market is fast growing and highly profitable. At this stage, I cannot confirm that any decisions in this direction has already been taken. "

Alexey Myrin, director of the Moscow office, added: “Each company is constantly monitoring changes in the market and analyzing areas that show potential for expansion. We announce all specific plans on our home page as well as on our social media channels.

Victorum Group B.V. in Maastricht is constantly growing

Maastricht, November 2021

Victorum Group B.V. and its CEO Siegfried Günther announce that the Dutch subsidiary has enjoyed excellent performance since opening 16/11/2020.

Victorum Group B.V. opened its first office in the Benelux countries after a long and intensive search in Maastricht, as the capital of the Dutch province of Limburg is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands with a long trading tradition.

“One of the reasons for the opening was access to the Meuse, an important river for bulk carriers,” said Siegfried Günther, CEO of Victorum Group B.V.

“One of the reasons for the opening was access to the Meuse, an important river for bulk carriers,” said Siegfried Günther, CEO of Victorum Group B.V.

Redesign of our Internet presence

We are working hard to optimize your time and costs. That's why we want to make our website even more user-friendly and innovative. An internal team invests a lot of time, effort and commitment to achieve a first-class result. Our business partners support and assist with daily tasks and help with a smooth implementation.

Personnel planning - we are growing!

A growing business and innovative business processes require a competent team. We are looking for creative minds with an entrepreneurial spirit and happy to welcome experienced professionals as well as novices in professions. Take a look at our current job market and become part of our international Victorum family.

We are networked!

As a part of our marketing plan, we would like to introduce you once again to our social media channels. We always inform you about innovations and development processes. Thus, we ensure a transparent business model and welcome your constructive feedback.

Marketing - our strategy is optimized in detail

Progressive times require innovative ideas. An internal team works daily on the further development of our strategy and optimizes our already down-to-earth marketing plans. We do not rest on our successes, but use this motivation for further development processes.

Shenzhen - Boomtown in China

Our new location in Shenzhen, in China's economically strongest province of Guangdong, will help to accelerate Victorum's growth targets. Shenzhen as an innovation engine in short distance to Hong Kong as a financial center and short distance to Dongguan as a factory of the world combines in the Pearl River Valley all resources for high dynamics and flourishing market economy.

Alsfeld in Hesse becomes Victorum's new headquarters in Germany

Moscow, March 2020

Today the Victorum group of companies announced that it has decided to open a new location in Germany: Alsfeld in Hesse. The search for a suitable premises has already been successfully completed and the last staff are being recruited to complete the team in order to serve the first customers in our new location in Germany in the near future.

“Opening a new office is always difficult, new processes need to be implemented and optimized, but given the positive experience of Russia and other regions, I am confidently expecting the opening of an office in Alsfeld in the near future,” says CEO Siegfried Günther today.

Victorum is considering the possibility of opening a second Russian branch in St. Petersburg

Moscow, February 2020

The Victorum Group of Companies announced today that it is currently considering opening a second Russian branch in St. Petersburg.

"The growth rate of Victorum, which exceeds our expectations, and the special position that Russia occupies for our company, make us consider this step now," said Siegfried Gunther, CEO of Victorum Group. A second room needs to be opened as a starting point. For further planning, he calls the search for a suitable building in St. Petersburg and suitable employees.

“It all started in Moscow at the end of November 2019, and I will be very happy if soon we can continue the success story of Victorum in second place in St. Petersburg,” says Siegfried Gunther.

Benelux expansion just around the corner: Victorum Group is considering opening a subsidiary in the Netherlands

Moscow, December 2019

The Victorum Group of Companies today announced its new expansion plans in the Benelux countries. The company plans to open its first representative office in the Netherlands soon. “The Netherlands is known as a gateway to the world not only for its important deep-sea ports,” Siegfried Günther, CEO of the Victorum Group said today. “With the planned location, the Victorum Group is opening up a new economic area in Europe. The essence of our brand is proximity to the client and the market, so a presence in the Benelux countries is a must, "continued the CEO.

Currently, the cities of Maastricht and Rotterdam claim this place. In parallel with the search for a suitable location with the corresponding real estate, a search for suitable employees is already underway.

"The planned opening of an office in the Netherlands is a big step and one of many important changes in 2019, all aimed at positioning the Victorum group of companies as widely as possible in order to have contacts for our customers in all relevant countries," - said today Gunther.

Victorum Group plans to open a branch in Spain

Moscow, December 2019

Victorum Group continues its European expansion and is currently planning to open an office in Spain, Barcelona. The search for properties that meet the location requirements is ongoing. The presence in Spain opens up the entire Latin American market for the company. With the planned opening of this site, the Victorum group of companies is consistently following the chosen path and embarking on a course of long-term organic growth.

"With its second largest container port, the metropolis offers us the ideal conditions for a presence in Southern Europe," Victorum Group CEO said today. “In the future, we will be even closer to our customers. The planned opening of a branch in Barcelona is an important step for us to further improve customer satisfaction through on-site service,” continues Gunther.

Victorum Group plans to open branches in Belarus and Germany

Moscow, November 2019

The Victorum Group continues to grow and, as part of its expansion strategy, plans to open branches in Belarus and Germany. In the future, a Belarusian team in the capital Minsk will advise clients on import and export matters, while the exact location in Germany has yet to be determined.

"Germany is one of the most important markets for raw materials from Eastern Europe, Belarus is one of the most important exporters of timber and metals, so it is extremely important to have a local presence for the company's success," says Siegfried Gunter, CEO of Victorum Capital Inc. “We see great potential in the industrial country of Belarus as an important hub and transit country between Asia and Europe,” continues General Director Gunther.

Accurate knowledge of the specifics of the country and, in particular, a local presence is a prerequisite for the corporate success of the Victorum group of companies. In planning to open branches in Belarus and Germany, Victorum, therefore, consistently follows its strategy of achieving success with great proximity to the market and customers.

Eröffnung Victorum Standort Niederlande

Im Oktober 2020 erèffnet VICTORUM eine Standort in den Niederlanden am Horsterweg 24 in 6199 Maastricht Airport. Als Generaldirektor fungiert Herr Siegfried Günter.

Oktober 2020

Eröffnung Victorum Standort Niederlande

Im Oktober 2020 erèffnet VICTORUM eine Standort in den Niederlanden am Horsterweg 24 in 6199 Maastricht Airport. Als Generaldirektor fungiert Herr Siegfried Günter.

Oktober 2020

Eröffnung Victorum Standort Niederlande

Im Oktober 2020 erèffnet VICTORUM eine Standort in den Niederlanden am Horsterweg 24 in 6199 Maastricht Airport. Als Generaldirektor fungiert Herr Siegfried Günter.

Oktober 2020

Eröffnung Victorum Standort Niederlande

Im Oktober 2020 erèffnet VICTORUM eine Standort in den Niederlanden am Horsterweg 24 in 6199 Maastricht Airport. Als Generaldirektor fungiert Herr Siegfried Günter.

Oktober 2020

Eröffnung Victorum Standort Niederlande

Im Oktober 2020 erèffnet VICTORUM eine Standort in den Niederlanden am Horsterweg 24 in 6199 Maastricht Airport. Als Generaldirektor fungiert Herr Siegfried Günter.

Oktober 2020

Eröffnung Victorum Standort Niederlande

Im Oktober 2020 erèffnet VICTORUM eine Standort in den Niederlanden am Horsterweg 24 in 6199 Maastricht Airport. Als Generaldirektor fungiert Herr Siegfried Günter.

Oktober 2020